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charlotte and bryan

Bryan and Charlotte Chaney believe God has blessed them to bless others. The Big Reveal happened in August 2015, when God ordained the meeting of these two faithful servants in a Christian bookstore where Charlotte was doing a book signing. Both Bryan and Charlotte were married to previous spouses for 23 years, Charlotte raising four boys, Bryan raising two boys and 2 girls. They became a family of 10 in November 2016 when they were married.

Bryan and Charlotte Chaney have found themselves in the business of hospitality with three historic homes in Downtown Frederick hosting guests through Airbnb. They welcome visitors to the town that they both value greatly. You can see their info at  Charlotte is writing several books and Bryan is a real estate agent for Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations and Sales in Garrett County where their home is.

Our Story

Charlotte is a Stage 3 Rectal Cancer survivor and has written a book, "Soul Work for Cancer," living a life interrupted by cancer. Charlotte grew up in Austin, Texas and raised her 4 sons in Annapolis before following her heart to Frederick in 2016.

Bryan grew up in Reisterstown and York, Pennsylvania. He raised his 4 children in Spring Ridge a suburb of Frederick. Bryan had a long successful career in technical sales, owned a bicycle business in Baltimore and is also a professional sound engineer for bands around Maryland.

In addition to Soul Work for Cancer living a life interrupted by cancer, Charlotte has developed a method of healing called SEEP that helped her recover from cancer and domestic abuse. She currently serves as an inspirational speaker, blogger, and life coach. She has a Soul Work Journal available from her website

The Chaney's are pleased to be able to bless to our community regularly through the Chaney Community Foundation

Meet the Team

Charlotte Chaney

Charlotte Chaney has been inspiring audiences with her gift of Writing, Speaking and Life Coaching for over ten years. It won't take long before you learn she is first and foremost a Texan. Charlotte is a mother of 4 sons and recently a stepmother to 2 sons and two daughters, who are still discovering the value of having her marry their dad.

Charlotte is a cancer survivor. She has lived with addiction, and she worked tirelessly to save her first marriage.  Though she is loved by many, she has faced rejection and judgment from churches, close friends, communities and some of her children, as she made the painful decision to leave her 23-year marriage.

Charlotte became intentional as she set out to care for herself. After many years and a multitude of healing modalities, she is an expert in self-care. Charlotte has discovered her resilience and now shares with others the valuable tool and system she developed for self-care called SEEP which provides a mechanism for people to connect with their soul Spiritually, Environmentally, Emotionally and Physically. Charlotte’s Soul Work Journal is the perfect coaching tool for people to strengthen their soul and prepare you for life’s unexpected happenings.

During many painful years in her marriage, Charlotte turned to God for the unconditional love for which she had so desperately longed. God’s provision was powerful enough to ultimately equip her to face her cancer diagnosis free of fear.

Soul Work for Cancer, Charlotte’s book released in March 2018, is a culmination of the portion of Charlotte’s blog begins when she shares that she has a mass. The book takes readers through the ups and downs of discovering she had stage 3 rectal cancer at age 42, with four sons ages 7-16 and a very dysfunctional marriage. Soul Work for Cancer will make you laugh, but it will also show you the real deal when it comes to facing a life-threatening illness.

As part of Charlotte's own recovery, she found wholeness through utilizing The SEEP Framework. This approach challenges one’s position in critical areas of life, initiating personal growth through connecting body and soul.  Charlotte now offers life coaching at no charge to selected clients as time allows.

Some people seek coaching simply to help them survive, and others are ready to thrive.

Bryan Chaney

Bryan Chaney began his career in sales shortly after graduating from Penn State University in the mid 1980’s, first settling in Tulsa, Oklahoma selling bearings, gearboxes, motors, roller chain, and all kinds of other cool stuff that the oilfield uses. Over the years, Bryan honed his sales skills selling to larger and larger companies, becoming very skilled at developing business case-style selling.

Bryan has sold:  

  • industrial adhesives (yes…superglue)
  • telephone systems
  • data networking solutions
  • several different software platforms
  • disaster recovery solutions
  • biometric solutions and more.

Companies he has worked for include:

  • Loctite
  • Blackboard
  • Avaya
  • Raytheon,
  • A Russian Biometric Company
  • Companies selling to the U.S. Intelligence Community
  • And a few other interesting companies.

Bryan fulfilled his dream of owning his own business in the 1990’s, quitting his daytime job and owning a bicycle retail operation in Baltimore Maryland for about 8 years. Bryan was forced to close his booming business abruptly in 1998 due to repeated burglaries. It was this closure that may have saved his life and caused him to dive deep into his Christian faith.

Around 2002, Bryan, his then-wife and 4 kids, joined a church in Frederick, Maryland with incredible, upbeat, loud music and state-of-the art sound equipment. Being the geek, audiophile, and music lover that he is, he immediately signed up to volunteer to be a sound engineer for the church (Damascus Road Community Church), and shortly thereafter was hired part-time as the Director of Worship Technologies. The sound was so good at the church that other churches asked him to come “fix” their sound systems.

Around 2012, Bryan had to make the decision that no one ever wants to make: time to get a divorce after being married 23 years, 4 beautiful kids, a nice house in the suburbs, very involved in the community and a leader in the church. The divorce caused deep splits in mutual friends, was very contentious, expensive and damaging to the kids and close friends.

In August 2015, Bryan met Charlotte Chaney, a Christian speaker and writer from Annapolis, going through an even more contentious divorce, also with 4 kids, leader in the church, also released from her leadership position in her church.

Bryan and Charlotte fell in love in only a few weeks after meeting. They were ready to marry by November 2015.

Only one problem: Charlotte had to finish the divorce process. Bryan coached Charlotte through her divorce, completing it in October of 2016. Charlotte and Bryan were married Thanksgiving day, 2016. There is indeed a God of second chances.

The Chaney Gang